The Hawaii State Society of Washington, D.C., or Hui Mokuʻainā O Hawaiʻi Wakinekona, Mokuʻainā O Kolumepia in the Hawaiian language, was founded on June 11, 1950. Like other state societies, the goal was to provide a feeling of “home away from home” to Hawaiʻi people who were living in the area for work or school. It was named a state society rather than a territorial society because HSS members felt sure that Hawaiʻi would soon take her place among other states of the Union.

From its early days, HSS activities included sponsoring a Cherry Blossom Princess, celebrating King Kamehameha Day and hosting lūau and holokū balls. In 2009, HSS sponsored its first Presidential Inaugural Ball to commemorate the presidency of one of Hawai‘i’s own, Punahou-educated Barack Obama.

HSS participates in Asian-Pacific heritage programs and events put on by other Hawai`i-associated organizations in the area, including alumni organizations and hula groups. The HSS ʻUkulele Hui provides free ʻukulele lessons to HSS members and performs throughout the area.

These and other special activities are always filled with laughter and enjoyment, just as if we were having fun on our lānai or in our backyards in Hawai‘i. The long distance between Hawaiʻi and Washington, D.C., has now been reduced with jet travel but the nostalgia for the Islands and its beautiful weather and people has only grown with time among the HSS membership. Whether it is promoting the traditions of the people of Hawai‘i, promoting Island-related events, networking for business, sharing in our moments of happiness or disappointment in true ‘ohana style, it is always done with a spirit of aloha.

HSS is a charter member of the National Conference of State Societies. It is incorporated in the District of Columbia and is primarily supported by member dues and receipts from sponsored events. Donations are gratefully accepted. HSS is a not-for-profit social organization exempt from Federal income tax under IRC sec 501(c)(7). Contributions of support are not tax deductible. 

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