HSS Privacy Policy

The Hawaiʻi State Society of Washington DC (HSS) takes its responsibility to protect personal and private data seriously.

We only collect information needed to serve individual members, to provide general benefits to our membership, or to seek volunteer leaders.

Only authorized members of the Board of Governors and volunteer leaders may be allowed access to member records to perform their official duties.

The HSS Board of Governors contracts with reputable businesses to provide technologies and processes to protect a member’s personal information.

HSS often uses third party vendors to provide services or support events.  If member data must be shared, HSS will demonstrate care to ensure these third party vendors also have privacy and security policies in place.  Should the vendor suffer a data breach, HSS will seek restitution to the fullest extent of the law.

HSS will, in a reasonable period of time, honor the requests of individual members to Opt-Out of receiving communications electronically (e.g., email, text message) or being listed in printed material but must still collect certain pieces of personal data to validate an individual’s eligibility for membership, benefits and prerogatives (e.g., to hold an elected office or vote in Society elections).

HSS does not sell or provide lists of members in any form to non-members or third party organizations.

Members may provide the names and ages of their children who are younger than 18 years of age.  This information will be used to design programs and events to serve our members, and will not be made available electronically or in any printed material.

HSS will handle and protect information provided by non-members only for a period of time to necessary to complete the activity or conduct the event for which it was provided.

For questions about this policy, please contact the Secretary of the Board of Governors hawaiistatesociety@wildapricot.org.

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