What is the Hawaiʻi State Society of Washington, D.C.?

The Hawaiʻi State Society of Washington, D.C., (HSS) was founded in 1950 to provide people who formerly lived in Hawaiʻi with an organization where they could meet and socialize.  The founding members were business and professional people from Hawaiʻi who had relocated to the Washington, D.C., area.  They hoped to keep alive in their new home the Aloha spirit which was so much a part of their lives in Hawaiʻi.

From its beginnings, HSS has sponsored ʻau, entertained visiting Hawaiʻi VIPs, selected National Cherry Blossom Festival Princesses, and has organized and participated in many events designed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the peoples of Hawaiʻi.

Today, HSS has over 450 HSS members who are both people from Hawaiʻi and Hawaiians at heart.  Some members live outside the Washington, D.C., area, and continue to support HSS activities.

HSS is a charter member of the National Conference of State Societies (NCSS) which was chartered by Act of Congress April 3, 1952.

HSS operates as an Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(7) social organization. Any profits generated by the Society's events are retained by the Society in an effort to provide quality events at reasonable costs.

All HSS's officers, at-large members, and volunteers serve without compensation.

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