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HSS ʻUkulele Hui

by Carol Takafuji, Director

The Hawai‘i State Society of Washington, D.C. ʻUkulele Hui has been in existence for 20 years.  The members meet weekly for not only for good music, food, and fun, but also the opportunity to learn to play on the versatile instrument, the ʻukulele and sing songs of different genres. The members pay nothing for lessons/tuition.  The only requirement is that you be a good standing member of HSS.  Throughout the years, we have performed at many different venues and occasions in the metropolitan D.C. area.  We have performed at fundraisers, multicultural programs, lū‘au for various organizations, etc.  More than two-thirds of the performances are gratis.  Promoting the interests of HSS and maintaining its mission statement, we are true ambassadors of the Society in promoting and perpetuating the culture of Hawai‘i in song and dance, spreading aloha spirit everywhere we go.

Hawai`i State Society Welcomes Veterans from the Islands to Washington, DC

On August 8, 2023, members of the HSS welcomed a group of WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War era veterans to Washington, DC as a part of the Lone Eagle Honor Flight Program. This program allows veterans from across the country to visit the military monuments in our Nation’s capital. Ther plane fares were provided by Alaska Airlines and their lodging paid for through the Honor Flight Program. The members were truly surprised to see a vibrant Hawaiian community here, and many joined in by playing `ukuleles and singing Hawaiian songs. To our surprise, Mele and Rich Tom, two HSS members now retired in Hawai`i, were a part of the visiting delegation. Although their trip lasted only three days, this was a unique experience for these veterans, many of whom had never been to Washington before. In the past, HSS has welcomed veterans from other states to DC at Reagan-National Airport, playing patriotic and Hawaiian music.